A New Palliative and Hospice Centre for the Cape Flats


To honour human dignity and empower communities to overcome poverty.


To create a loving and sustainable sanctuary where all can flourish with dignity through excellent palliative and hospice training, education, service, and care.

Our Values


To conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity. We commit to do no harm to those entrusted to our care.


We value the human dignity of each individual soul, building relationships of compassion, transparency and love.


We commit to mindfully serve and honour the most vulnerable regardless of race and creed.


We educate individuals to take responsibility for their lives and transform their consciousness through their beliefs, values and attitudes.

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Let's Make A Change

Hospice and Palliative Care

Understanding the language of Care

Palliative care

  • This is a field in medicine that offers an integrated approach to improve the quality of life of patients and their families when facing the diagnosis of life-limiting illnesses. Diagnosis and referrals happen via local state hospitals and clinics.


  • This starts when patients stop treatment to cure their disease and prepare to improve their quality of life. Home-based care will be provided by integrated teams, will do home visits to advise, teach and assist the primary caregiver in best practice and care. There will be Respite wards to give the family a break, (ambulatory patient 10 days stay) or acute symptom management (2-3 day stay).

End-of-life care

  • This describes the care given to patients and their families in the last days of their lives. An in-patient hospice ward offering full care which includes medical, complementary, spiritual, emotional and grief counselling.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognised Palliative care as a human right in 2021.​

Maryland Palliative Hospice Centre (MPHC)

Hanover Park, and the immediate surrounding suburbs in the Metropole of Cape Town, lack Care facilities dedicated to addressing Hospice and Palliative care.

Our primary aim is to provide best practices of Palliative Care/Hospice Care/End-of-Life Care to people who live in poverty and face challenging conditions.

Our service vision:

Outpatient care

  • Hospice at Home
  • Day Clinic
  • Family Training

Inpatient care

  • Respite wards
  • Hospice wards
  • End-of-life wards

Additional Services we hope to bring

  • Wellbeing & complementary therapy
  • Counselling & bereavement support
  • Build a team of trained community volunteers

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